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TKL Management, LLC has strong real estate principals and extensive experience in the ownership and management of high quality mobile home communities. TKL Management has owned and operated a residential real estate portfolio since 1984.

Our professional staff is committed to offering residents the highest quality professional management services. Resident satisfaction is our goal and we strive to make our residents’ living experience at our communities most rewarding.

The company is a Limited Liability Corporation and has offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Atlanta, Georgia. The company has its own in-house financing arm, TKL Finance, LLC, to help our residents realize their ownership dreams. This allows many people who wouldn’t ordinarily qualify to own a home the opportunity of a lifetime!

We are committed to improving the quality of life for our residents.
Our communities are professionally maintained and impeccably manicured. Our staff is mindful of resident needs and eager to provide you with a level of service and respect that you expect and deserve.


At TKL we strive to offer 24/7 commitment to our residents. Our sales offices have professional housing consultants to address your concerns, and we offer a variety of home styles and floor plans from which you can choose.

No matter which TKL community you choose to call "home", you will find a welcoming and friendly environment reflecting the pride of ownership of our family of residents.

Our goal is simple: To make the American Dream Attainable™.


TKL Management seeks to be the best in the world at providing middle-tier, safe, family-oriented manufactured home communities where residents can experience a true sense of community.


TKL Management seeks to consistently provide quality mobile home communities in a respectful environment delivered by a team of people who care about the welfare of the individuals within the community.

We constantly strive to improve the quality of life within our communities by the consistent upgrading and addition of amenities, the development of a strong sense of community through resident events, and the implementation of a standardized set of rules, which promotes respect between residents.

We are dedicated to creating extraordinary mobile home communities, which set new standards for excellence and value.

We are committed to employee training; advanced technologies, and genuine customer service as we acquire, transition, and manage mobile home communities.

We illustrate our devotion to the total satisfaction of our employees by stressing career opportunities, professionalism, reputation, financial performance and asset appreciation.

Company Values

Honesty- With residents, managers, and self. The willingness and fortitude to tell the truth about all things and the honesty of self to always confront the hard facts even when the results are not positive.

Open Communication- Each and every member of our organization will adopt an open door policy. Each employee will be able to speak directly to any member of the organization about any concerns, issues, or problems, which could be affecting either party. Each employee should inculcate the insight that “the only true growth comes from criticism and introspection”; therefore it is essential that all employees be open to constructive and respectful criticism from both subordinates and superiors.

Quality- We will always seek quality in all aspects of our business. We strive to provide a quality experience to residents, vendors, and employees. We will never intentionally provide a cheap/low quality product in order to mislead the resident to increase profit margins. Along with this value we must also have the intelligence to balance this value with the need for profit. We cannot seek quality to the exclusion of profit.

Value- We seek value in all forms. We strive to provide value to the resident, while at the same time we seek value from both vendors and employees. The relationship with employees is a unique one where both parties should feel as though they both receive value and are valued.

Accountability- We endeavor to develop an environment where all are accountable for their actions and results. This should be seen throughout the company from the executives to the residents themselves. All are responsible and all are accountable. This, coupled with the four previous values should provide a safe and equitable environment for all.

Management Bios

Justin Long, Southeastern Regional Manager
As Southeastern Regional Manager, Justin Long is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the TKL Management’s regional portfolio. Since becoming part of the team in 2005, Justin has taken an active role in Human Resources, Direct Property Management and Revenue Management.

In 2006, Justin was promoted to Southeastern Regional Manager where he has focused on a Resident Satisfaction Initiative and on improving the overall quality of the communities. His team is currently working on a community redevelopment program that will add additional amenities to the already spectacular communities.

Justin's background is in Real Estate, Business Information Systems and Personnel Management. His hiring is an indication of TKL Management's commitment to continued company innovation as well as future sustainability.

Tom Long, Managing Member
Tom Long began his career as an airline pilot at the age of 23. After 16 years in the field he found a business career more interesting and rewarding. It was at this time that he bought his first mobile home community in Memphis, TN.

His goal has always been to create a safe, clean, quiet living environment for residents and employees.

While Mr. Long is no longer part of the day-to-day operations, he is still heavily involved with TKL Management, LLC. Recently he has become heavily involved with the company’s financing arm and still visits properties regularly.

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